Submersible Pumps, Mixers, Generators & Accessories

Offering Major Site Dewatering Solutions for Rental or Purchase.

Xylem’s dewatering mandate is to engineer, manage and supply major site dewatering and sewage bypass projects in the following business sectors:

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Municipal

Xylem’s dewatering service offers the complete Flygt line of dewatering pumps and submersibles including:

  • Portable and mobile pumps
  • Mining slurry pumps
  • Sludge and trash pumps
  • Engine-driven suction pumps
  • Diesel generators
  • Piping and complementary accessories

Nationwide Pump Rental Fleet

Experience Xylem’s nationwide rental fleet with locations across Canada offering complete turn-key water handling solutions, including water pumps, parts and accessories and service locations to help you with your dewatering projects.

Call us today for a quotation on any of our dewatering products.

Xylem’s Flygt brand is known throughout the world as a benchmark for quality submersible pumping solutions.

Industrial Flygt Pumps

Xylem Water Solutions, formerly ITT Flygt Canada and ITT Water & Wastewater Solutions, is the originator and world’s largest producer of submersible pumps, parts and accessories, manufactured in a state-of-the-art world-class facility located in Sweden.

Our Flygt brand known throughout the world as a benchmark for quality submersible pumping solutions.

Over 50 years of experience using Flygt pumps

The Xylem dewatering service division has over 50 years of experience using Flygt pumps to offer effective and environmentally secure water and wastewater transfer applications.

Xylem offers:

  • Emergency drainage of floodwaters, sewage bypass, lift station backup pumping and sludge removal in municipal projects
  • Construction and tunneling projects including site drainage, wellpoint dewatering, slurry pumping, stream diversions and drill rig water supply
  • Pumping industrial wastewater, fly ash removal and temporary fire pumps
  • Mining and quarrying applications including open pit and underground drainage, face and stage dewatering, slurry tailings removal and process water supply

Flygt Submersible Drainage Pumps


Flygt 2000 Series Pumps for Professional use

Designed primarily for construction and mine dewatering, the FLYGT 2000 Series of submersible pumps are made tough for the most rigid professional use.

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There are more than 50 different pump models to choose from. With capacities of up to 300 L/s, Flygt 2000 series pumps handle big jobs with extreme efficiency.
These highly efficient, low maintenance pumps are exactly what you need to deal with large jobs that require flexible dewatering solutions.

Flygt 2600 Series Submersible Pumps

Flygt 2600 Series Range of Pumps Photo

Flygt 2600 Series Submersible Pumps have been engineered for professional use in tough dewatering applications in mines, construction, tunneling, and industrial sites.

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Extreme durability and wear-resistance make these pumps deliver highly consistent performance over long periods of time. Flygt 2600 pumps feature our patented DuraSpin™ hydraulic system, fewer components, durable materials and ergonomic design.

Flygt 2600 Sludge Pump Series

Flygt 2600 Sludge Pump Photo

Portable pumps designed to tackle the tough challenge of moving sludge, trash and solids with ease-without clogging.

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These compact solids-handling pumps feature a high-chrome vortex impeller to enable the passage of large solids making them ideal for dewatering in construction, mining, industrial and wastewater applications.

        • Wet or Dry installations
        • Superior solids-handling impellers
        • Flows up to 300 l/s
        • Heads up to 65 m
        • Discharge size up to 10 inches

Flygt 2700 Series- Corrosive and Abrasive Liquids Pump

Flygt 2700 Series Pump PhotoStainless steel series handles corrosive and abrasive liquids with wide variances in PH levels.

These pumps are built to tackle the toughest dewatering challenges.

The 2700 series offers three drainage and three solids handling pumps to handle highly acidic and highly alkaline media.

Portable and Mobile Pumps for on-the-spot Dewatering
Ready Pumps

Flygt Ready Pump PhotoFor construction, mining and industrial sites, manholes or emergency situations, Ready offers on- the- spot dewatering.

Ready pumps are portable and mobile and can be stored easily for quick response to flooding or clean-up jobs.

Flygt 5000 Series- For Abrasive Solids

Flygt 5000 Series Slurry Pump PhotoFlygt Slurry Pumps – Designed for excellent performance, these rugged submersible slurry pumps handle transportation of the most abrasive solids that are suspended in liquids.

This portable and corrosive-resistant slurry pump with slim and compact design provides quiet, cost-effective solutions for slurry transportation.

The 5000 series is engineered for slurry transport applications in mine and quarry operations, mineral processing, power generation plants, paper mills, and wastewater treatment plants

Accessories for Flygt Submersibles

Flygt Pumps Accessories
Xylem offers a complete range of accessories for Flygt submersibles including hoses, cables and starters.

Special headers, valves, elbows and transition pieces are also available with manual and automatic controls.

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          • Galvanized steep piping
          • HDPE piping
          • Flotation Devices easily mounted to pumps on site
          • Suction hose, discharge hose and piping accessories with quick couplers
          • Auxiliary fuel tanks
          • Road ramps
          • Flow meters
          • Fish Screens

Flygt Submersible Mixers

Flygt’s wide array of reliable, trouble-free mixing equipment for dewatering includes low-speed mixers and compact mixers.

        • Applicable to any tank shape
        • Easy to install
        • Come in stainless-steel versions
        • Ideal for pond de-icing

Flygt Dri-Prime® Pumps

Flygt Dri-Prime Pump PhotoFlygt Dri-Prime® pumps transport raw sewage, sludge and fluids with solids up to 125 mm in diameter. The pumps prime automatically from dry to 8.5 m of suction lift, and can run dry.

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Choose between the high volume, medium-head FCD series and the medium volume, high head FHL series.

Available in vacuum-assisted and compressor-assisted models. Flygt Dri-Prime® pumps will operate in “snore” conditions and are ideal for high lift applications.

They are also suited for open pumping and sewage by-pass, pumping polluted, hot or corrosive wastewater and flood-type surface irrigation.

FDBS provides the ability to use a permanently installed diesel driven pump to provide backup pumping capacity.

  • Sound levels as low as 68 dBA at 30′
  • Hinged, lockable doors provide access to operating controls and service locations
  • Pumping can continue despite power, switch gear or sewage pump failures
  • Dri-Prime backup acts as the primary pumping system during routine maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Available in sizes 3″ through 18″ with flows to 13,500 gpm, heads to 600′ and solids handling to 5″

Technical Repair Experts

Xylem has a global service network to support you with application engineering, pump repair, spare parts, and turnkey on-site dewatering services. No matter what the challenge, our dewatering solutions keep you on solid ground.

Xylem’s technical expertise ranges from dewatering pump selection to equipment maintenance services. Xylem offers fast, reliable onsite repairs at your facility minimizing downtime by getting your equipment up and running as soon as possible.

A qualified service mechanic will visit your facility to assess and repair the equipment onsite. If required, your equipment may be brought back to one of Xylem’s service centers for repair.

For workshop service repairs, Xylem’s qualified service mechanics use an extensive knowledge of water and wastewater technology to provide quality repairs at our 12 nationwide service centers.

Equipped with specialized tools and Flygt genuine parts, Xylem can restore equipment to optimal performance according to design parameters quickly and efficiently, saving time, energy and money.

Every pump is backed with TotalCare services for secure, optimal operations.

For more information on Xylem’s dewatering solutions, contact us at 1-800-588-7867.